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DailyUI Challenge Series: 001 signup form

I have recently enrolled myself in the DailyUI challenge series. It is nice and I recommend to anyone who is looking for something to do for the code muscle memory or anyone who is interested into designing UI.

In all my IT experiences so far, I had never came across a situation where I had to design the page or a component by myself based on the customer requirements or hints for that matter. Designing is difficult guys as it requires some creativity at the same time keeping the customer in mind. Some things can be fancy to us but that does not mean it is going to guide the user to explore the application by himself helping here and there.

Anyhow, as part of this DailyUI challenge, you will get an email everyday (Not on the weekends ;)) with a requirement for the design to be done.

You will also get some free useful stuffs as well if you do the challenges and share it regularly on Twitter or Dribbble as they have mentioned.

But, I did not want to do the design alone. As a developer, I wanted to make it work as per design more or less.

You can check out the completed challenge that has been deployed here in Netlify. Here is the repo for the same and below is the sneekpeak.

DailyUI Challenge 001 - SignUp Form

Yeah, we do not have sign up form for our site yet! T_T But it is coming. \O/