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Fix: scully not discovering new routes in Angular

You might have noticed that I have recently built a website for my freelance company FullStacker.

This is the first time I went with Jamstack for building something anew. Since my niche is Angular, I searched for Angular Jamstack and found Scully.

To my surprise, I am amazed by the Jamstack benefits it brings to my website and making it a PWA was also handy. More about it later.


I was keep getting the below msg during scully build.

Using stored unhandled routes!. To discover new routes in the angular app use "npm run scully -- --scanRoutes"

I did not realize the problem until it was breaking my PWA apps shortcuts. (Should always read warns! >_<)

There is a bug above when running the suggested command for NodeJS 16+. It should be as below:

$ npm run scully --scanRoutes

Because the -- marks the end of the NodeJS args. O_o