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Ashok Mannolu Arunachalam, NgrxAngularFix

Fix: state is undefined for @ngrx/store in unit tests

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I use @ngrx/store at my day-to-day development. This post is not to share the benefits of using a state-management library. Instead, to share a fix for a possible unit tests mess up we might make along the way of using such libraries.


In unit tests, we usually set our initial state as follows:

const initialState: AppState = {
title: 'AshKeys',
name: 'Sojiro De Tenken'
imports: [TestModule],
declarations: [AshKeysComponent],
providers: [provideMockStore({ initialState })]
.overrideTemplate(AshKeysComponent, '')

This is good as long as we are fine writing units with the initial state values.

Updating the state in an iteration

There comes a scenario where we might have to update the said state for an iteration as follows:

title: ''

As you might have guessed it already, this overrides the initialState and in turn we loose a property called name. >_O

Fix: state is undefined

Imagine name property as a state for some cases and there is a selector referring that particular state. In those cases, due to the above overriding, we encounter State is undefined error.

What I forgot to do is the following:

title: ''

In this way, we keep whatever we had in the initialState undisturbed and update the ones we bother. \O/