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How to create json message string with indentation in java

Recently I came across an ugly string concatenation in one of our legacy codebase or the one I did not came across for a long time.

The string concatenation was there to construct as JSON string. The JSON string was then parsed as a message template for MQTT topics.

At first sight, I knew it gotta go and something bit more cleaner piece of code should replace it. So I was looking for options to do a better job. Then I found something below:

org.json library




compile "org.json:json:20090211"

Using the JSONObject of this library I was able to replace the ugly string concatenation with something like below:

JSONObject in action

new JSONObject()
.put("name", "Ashok M A")
.put("website", "")
.put("address", new JSONObject()
.put("houseNumber", "1234")
.put("street", "Woonboulevard")
.put("city", "Utrecht")
.put("country", "The Netherlands")
.put("skills", new JSONArray(
Arrays.asList("Angular", "Spring Boot")))
.toString(4); // indentation

The above beautiful piece of code gives us the below JSON string.

"address": {
"city": "Utrecht",
"country": "The Netherlands",
"houseNumber": "1234",
"street": "Woonboulevard"
"name": "Ashok M A",
"skills": ["Angular", "Spring Boot"],
"website": ""

Yes, you can also construct by nesting arrays into objects and vice versa. \O/

The keys are sorted by default. In JSON format that does no harm.

I do not have to show you the ugly concatenation to sell the point here but this org.json lib itself does pretty good job and I am sure you would agree as well.