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Ashok Mannolu Arunachalam, How toStringJS

How to reverse a string in JavaScript

Reversing a string challenge has been one of the oldest code challeges! Let's see how can we do it in JS.

Using Array Methods:

Steps to follow:

  • Split the string to char arrays.
  • Reverse the char array.
  • At last join the array to a string.

The same thing happens in the following code section:

const stringToReverse = 'ashkeys'
const reversedString = stringToReverse
.split('') // [ 'a', 's', 'h', 'k', 'e', 'y', 's' ]
.reverse() // [ 's', 'y', 'e', 'k', 'h', 's', 'a' ]
console.log(reversedString) // syekhsa

With ES6 spread operator

It is possible to reduce one line from the above code using ES6 syntax! ^_^

const stringToReverse = 'ashkeys'
const [...charArrayToReverse] = stringToReverse
console.log(charArrayToReverse.reverse().join('')) // syekhsa