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How to start your own company in The Netherlands

My Backstory

I live in The Netherlands since 2016. I got an opportunity to continue my career here with RaboBank (Reputed Bank in The Netherlands).

I started as a Java Developer but mutated myself into a Fullstack Developer. There was a little nudge from RaboBank back then to turn all back-end (BE) only devs into Fullstackers, instead of looking for Front-end (FE) Developers.

It did work otherwise guys like me would not have had the chance to learn on the job though. Long story short, after three years, I switched to more product-based in-house development company that is Oceaneering AGV Systems (Europe). Here I had the chance to get into product development from the scratch and enhanced my FE skills and stack particularly.

By March of 2021, I was completing my stay in The Netherlands as 5 years that made me eligible to apply for Permanent Resident (PR). Since I had already completed my NT2 - A2, I only had to apply through Mijn IND and pay the application fee.

Having a PR or related status is required so that you can work without permit.

Be sure to have passed all of the necessary civic integration exams before submitting the application to IND. In my case, I was waiting for the A2 diploma but applied hoping that I will receive it on time. Ended up getting a rejection and reapplied it again with additional fee. T_T

Going solo (Eenmanszaak) Checklist

Questions to yourself:

Do you know your niche?

For me, it is IT and software solutions.

Do you have a brand in mind?

Brand is really important, of course. If you are thinking of starting your own company, then you might have already thought of a brand to register.

Do not forget to check your brand every now and then in the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) registry until you get it registered.

Are you allowed to work in The Netherlands without Work Permit?

This is really important for expats like me who came in most probably with Highly-skilled immigrant (Kennis migrant) status. So, it was important to me to get my PR.

During the registration with KvK, it wasn't required to submit a proof that you are allowed to work without permit. Driving license is enough for identification.

If you are an highly-skilled immigrant like me, you definitely need a PR to start working on freelance contracts even though you can start your own company. It's tricky!

Now registering your dream company

Once you got all your answers right for the above questions, you can start with the application process in KvK site.

Carefully, fill through the application and at the end once all of the details are entered valid, you are ready to book an appointment with the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) to register your dream company.

I had done the same and registered my company - Fullstacker.

Now, I am the proud founder of my own establishment here in this new country. ^_^

It is best to have a website (not mandatory for registration though) of your company under the same brand name or closely to it.

I was really fortunate to find the domain to be available just for me. ^_^

Check it out and reach out to me to have your next company website built.