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My new laptop - System76 - Galago Pro

Few days back I got my most awaited laptop Galago Pro from System76. To be honest, I was stalking them for long time. Whenever I think of buying my own personal machine, I go to their site and do window shopping. They have this very nice checkout option where you can select most of the configurations and extend it bit more. I often found myself over there doing the same and at the end after seeing the total price at the bottom, with a sigh, I close my browser.

This was going on for a while until I saved enough amount to go for my own developer machine. It was exciting to do the quote and order it from System76. The configuration is:

Pop!_OS 18.10 (64-bit) with full-disk encryption
14″ Matte FHD 1080p Matte FHD Display
3.9 GHz i5-8265U (1.6 up to 3.90 GHz - 6MB Cache – 4 Cores – 8 Threads)
16 GB Dual Channel DDR4 at 2400MHz (2× 8 GB)
250 GB M.2 SSD
1 TB 2.5″ Solid State Hybrid Drive
WiFi up to 867 Mbps + Bluetooth
2 Year Limited Parts and Labor Warranty
3 Day Rush Assembly Service
Total : $1,480.66

In addition, I had to pay around € 290, due to Dutch customs T_T. I was expecting that anyway.

Yes, I opted for a 3 day rush assembly. I could not wait to get hold of it ^_^. It was here within a week and half and I could be able to track the package in UPS site from System76 package tracking section. I was informed that the package will arrive on a specific day. It was helpful for me to do work from home and inform my team accordingly.

Reusable package

I like the thinking of reusable package and it is the first time I am looking at one. It was compact and uptight. Next thing was the welcome card with some stickers. It is so cool! I was not expecting it in the package though.

Welcome card with some cool stickers

I am keep the stickers away from fresh new laptop for now. I am still enjoying the original look and feel of my pretty Galago.

The First Look

When I unfolded the laptop, it was silver-white beauty. A look alike of macbook but a bit more smaller touchpad. The best thing about the keyboard is, it has a sepearate Home and End buttons which are in common compact laptops nowadays often integrated as part of Fn blue keys under Left and Right arrow keys respectively. Those two keys programmers use a lot during a code selection for refactoring or moving the cursor quickly.

The Pop!_OS installation

When powered up, it started installing the POP!_OS with a pretty output. Seems pretty to me! This is the first time I am installing a software without a GUI showing me unnecessary details like - What is the writing speed? How long will it take? ^_^

The Settings Configuration setup

Upon successful installation, comes a fancy pop up which takes you through the basic configuration settings you do with most of the devices like you did for your smartphone.

Unleash Your Potential

It was all set and ready to go now. As it demands, it is time to

Unleash My Potential!

I will make a new post about my usage experiences of my Galago Pro soon!