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Utrecht University: Motivation letter for Masters in History of Politics and Society


I have recently submitted an application to Utrecht University for my Masters in History of Politics and Society.

Like most of the lower middle class Indians, I could not pursue what I was interested in due to financial situations back then. I had to take a degree that landed me on a job right after college and made me a bread winner for the family.^_^ Since I have the time and money now, I could pursue my dreams.\O/

Below is the motivation letter I have written for the same.

Dear Sir or Madam,

This letter is to present my request and reasons for applying to the Master’s Programme in History of Politics and Society. I hope to present myself a worthy candidate for this program, in the process, also convince you that I bring something new to this program. This programme gives me an opportunity not only to master my interests but also to pursue a career in respective fields. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science that might make you wonder about my application. But, I have my reasons. Soon after my high school, I had to pick a degree that will land me on a job right away in order to financially support my family. Since then I am working as a Software Developer for past 8 years. Now that I have the time and money, I can finally pursue my dream.

I have learned a wide range of topics and concepts with respect to Philosophy, Political Science and a little introduction on the origins of Society. I like to pursue the same in-depth through proper academic expertise and guidance.

In philosophy, I have familiarised myself with both Idealism and Materialism as well as Agnosticism — if one wish to consider that a third philosophy — and their variants to some extent. Along with the aforementioned core of philosophy, I have learned Metaphysics and the dialectical materialism with the help of book clubs. With respect to political science, before moving to The Netherlands due to work, I was briefly part of a political movement called New Democracy. Though I participated in a few demonstrations for the concerned issues, — for instance, privatisation over people welfare state — I spent considerable amount of my leisure time in studying politics and debating policies with both the public and the party members.

In those book clubs, we take a book for a month, study and present our understandings as an individual. It was more about learning as a group. It involved sometimes debating about a topic or an issue that we see in our society. I must say it helped me a lot with respect to making a dialogue with one another and also to learn by doing research on my own.

I chose Utrecht University as it is one of the oldest universities in the world and has a lot to offer when it comes to history. Given my background, I am convinced that I will be a valuable addition to the programme. I hope to be given the chance as well.

Thanks for considering my application.

Hope they take me in.*_*