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Utrecht University: Relevant course works for Masters in History of Politics and Society

I do not have any bachelors done with respect to my Masters application. So I decided to highlight the list of works I read and learned by myself./O\

Relevant course works.

As I mentioned in my application, I do not have a relevant academic course works. But, I did read on my own on the following topics with respect to discipline.


  • Idealism, Materialism, 18th Century Materialism.
  • Metaphysics, Dialectical Materialism.
  • Lokayata - An Ancient Indian Materialism.
  • Buddhism and why it came to existence.
  • A little bit of Vedhic vs Anti-vedhic philosophy.


  • New Democracy.
  • A systematic crisis in modern politics.
  • People welfare state - What? Why? How?


I have a little bit introduction to the origins of society with the help of the following books to mention a two:

  • From Volga to Ganga (a book by Rahul Sankrityayan)
  • Origins of family, private property and the state by Frederick Engels (Still reading)

I wish made some corrections.>_O Too late! I want to post the version I have submitted to the Utrecht University.