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Why I moved my blog to cloudflare pages


When I first wanted to start this blog, I did not know much of hosting but I did know how to develop and write my blog.

So, I just went on and registered the domain name in I have also rented out a hosting server with 512MB RAM /O\.

It was not bad though. It served the statics well with considerable delay. In the end, I did not care much about the processing power of it other than serving the blog.

In the following months, I have added Google AdSense to monitize it. It did not return anything as my traffic per day was very low (below 100 requests).

Fast forward two years, I wrote a hand full of posts including from my own day-to-day work challenges and learnings.

Enter Cloudflare

I came across Cloudflare pages and read about it's numerous nodes across the global that makes the websites deployed in it highly available for users around the world.

I was using other hosting platform before though like Netlify and Heroku for other side projects or tutorial try outs.

Cloudflare gives free website category and really loved the idea of using it. Moving the domain to Cloudflare was a piece of cake honestly.

Better deploy the application via GitHub integration first and test the Cloudflare pages.

Upon successful deployment, mapping the domain to the github page domain can be done in seconds.


I have to admit soon after moving my blog to Cloudflare, the hits were going close to 1K everyday O_O. Honestly I did not touch a single line but still my blog was getting more hits just by moving to Cloudflare

Increased Cloudflare hits

It is still increasing and reaching more wider audience.

Last week I have migrated my blog to NextJS and improved SEO as well. I expect to see the hits going up more with new contents. Weee!


I recommend moving to either Cloudflare or other hosting platforms that has more nodes across the globe so that your content reaches wider audience.

This post is not a paid promotion for Cloudflare nor a free one. I noticed a dramatic increase in the organic traffic to my blog as soon as I moved it to the said platform. I wanted to share this here so that others can give it a try and make their own judgement.