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Jounal entry - Weekend ride to Weert

Today afternoon, I had time to take my Shukuchi out for a ride. It was a warm weather. It does look like we got a short-break from winter. I took motorways until Eindhovan to skip the seen places. As planned from there, I took windy roads to reach Limburg, Belgium. Since it is winter time, it was getting dark soon. I had another hour and a half ride when it was 4 o'clock. I had to give up and turn back home from a near border village called Weert. I really like the village Weert and the individual houses with car port and garages. I remembered the plan that I had initially to buy an individual house with garden and car port or shed for my Shukuchi. So that it will be a workshop afterwards for I have the Shukuchi maintanance. However, I had to settle for an apartment last year. I might buy a new one by selling this apartment later once I have a partner to increase the mortgage budget. Hold that thought!

We do worry about the things we did not have or do. As an aquitance of mine once said, I do not like the could have or should have. Because it never happens.

I rode back home real fast clocking 100Kmph as average on the motorways. It was nice ride overall even though I did not reach my destination as planned.

So I recalled the saying, it is the journey that matters!